Mine Contracting

Efficient and customize mining operation

Contract mining is a management strategy by which major non-core functions are transferred to specialist, efficient external providers. Sudan’s mining industry is lacking mining expertise, and DAL Mining can easily bridge this gap efficiently with the support of the DAL Group companies. DAL Mining Services is committed to the customer, through efficient and customizes mining operations such as drilling, blasting, loading and hauling.

  • Construct our own operating camp and work shop to serve our team and fleet
  • Provide technical and maintenance support to insure high availabilities of equipment
  • Guaranteed mining management skills

Through mine contracting, DAL Mining Services will provide you with:

  • Time to focus on your core business activities
  • Market intelligence and performance bench-marking
  • Contract compliance and mitigation of risk
  • Visibility in spending and supplier performance


DAL Mining Services offers its customers the following mining operations:

  • Drilling & blasting
  • Hauling & loading


In addition, DAL Mining is committed to:

  • Invest CAPEX dedicated to the customer’s project
  • Construct their own operating camp and work shop to serve the operation.
  • Provide technical and maintenance support to ensure high availability of equipment
  • Guaranteed mine management skills.