Geological Exploration

Within the DAL Mining Exploration Department are a number of International and Sudanese geological experts to support your exploration needs, and assist in identifying and developing your concessions.

Geological Exploration Services

  • Assist in identifying areas that may have potential for mineralization.
  • Carry out satellite imagery.
  • Identify any artisanal workings.
  • Map the area geologically.
  • Carry out trench, drainage, soil and outcrop sampling.
  • Prepare drill plans.
  • Provide expert geological consultancy.
  • Assist in the exploration drilling program by supervising the drilling operation, sample collection and logging core.
  • Interpretation and identification of exploration targets.
  • GIS compilation, modelling and interpretation of mineral exploration datasets.
  • Geophysical survey design and interpretation.
  • Computerized geological modelling.
  • Technical audits and independent assessments (due diligence) of exploration projects.