About DAL Mining

We run an extensive range of first class mining activities in the Sudan mining industry. Our value added services are tailor made for our clients to support their short & long term goals. With a regional headquarter in Khartoum, we are able to efficientlyutilize our team of executives and technical staff in a variety of mining activities all over Sudan states. Aiming to become the leading national company in mining supplies, services and operations, through deploying worldwide talentto support a high efficiency operations. Keeping in mind safety and health protection of both individuals and environment, weadhere to the international safety standards. We are committed to participate positively in the development of the local mining industry by providing and adopting state of the art efficient and reliable mining technologies. As we believe in continuous progress and improvement.

Why mining industry?

As mining started playing an important role in Sudan’s economy after South-Sudan decided independence & hence took with it the majority of production oil fields. Mining is expected to replace oil exports drop in Sudan Republic budget. We are primarily focused on the Arabian-Nubian Shield, which in recent times has yielded a number of world scale projects (Exploration – Open pit and surface mining ), particularly in regard to gold, chrome and iron projects. .

Why Us?

Because it is all about the timely efficiency in the mining industry, DAL Mining was and is able to hold a prominent name in the market. We are proud to say we are the only destination you will need for your Mining business. Considering our durable, high quality products, we are now the strategic partner for several of our clients.

Our Vision

To be the leading national company in mining supplies, services and operations.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best, efficient and reliable services through our qualified staff. As “We aim to please”.