Mining Opportunities in Sudan

Mining is expected to replace oil exports!

Sudan possesses great untapped and unexplored mineral resources and potentials. DAL Mining can assist in identifying potential areas of mineralisation and help in developing concessions. With the relaxation of US financial sanctions, Sudan, represented by the Ministry of Mining and the Ministry of Industry as well as other parties concerned with investment, has sought to encourage both national and foreign investment in the field of mining and transformative industries.

This encouragement of investment will be carried out through legislation of investment laws, improvement of infrastructure like roads and energy and the betterment of security and administrative situations in all states of Sudan. Accordingly, a number of agreements were signed between the government of Sudan and concerned Sudanese and Foreign companies for exploration and production of numerous minerals.

Dal mining industries

Why us?

DAL Mining is an integral part of DAL Group industries, and operates on international standards underpinned by strong, clear business principles and ethical values alongside many business sectors including: Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Earthmoving, Real Estate, Energy, Automotive, Healthcare and Education.

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DAL Mining Supplies​

DAL Mining Supplies

Processing Plants

According to extracted ore data provided by the customer, DAL Mining supports both supplying and insulation of the suitable process method


DAL Mining provides a wide range of chemicals needed in the processing and extraction of minerals.

Drilling Equipment & Accessories

DAL Mining is the appointed dealer for Everdigm Co. Ltd, a Korian Manufacture for mining equipment. Everdigm was founded in 1994 as a construction equipment sales company and since they expand the business to fully support both mining and construction industry around the glop.

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DAL Mining drilling services supports Exploration & Drilling with a highly efficient drilling rigs and skilled staff highly experienced in drilling.For Drilling, DAL Mining team operates rigs with 30 ton pullback to handle on all casing requirements, which can drill up to 220m in both sedimentary and hard rock with a wide ranges of diameters from 6” to 20”.

Welcome to DAL Mining
Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

DAL Mining develop its HSE System based on risk management principles and continuous improvement in HSE performance, in order to execute the projects in a safe and effective manner, setting the adequate measures to prevent any loss or harm and complying with the HSE regulations and standards.